Spring Is Knocking At The Door, Clean Your Wardrobe!

Spring is coming soon. Summer isn’t too far away! Use this handy guide to “spring clean” your wardrobe and make room for your warm-weather clothes.


Before you even think about loading your closet with your summer clothes, you need to re-organize. Take everything out. Make one pile for clothes you’re going to store, another pile for donations, and another pile for clothing you still plan to wear.

Chances are, a lot of what you already own can be recycled into next season, so keep classic pieces like cardigans and basic tees.

Bottom line? If you haven’t worn an item in 6 months and can’t see yourself wearing it again, then throw it in the donation pile!


Since you’ve already cleaned out your entire closet, it makes sense to organize it in a manner that allows easy access to the things you wear most. Don’t just throw things back randomly!

Put everything you wear regularly in the section that’s easiest to get to. Pants, dresses, skirts, and other clothing should be organized together so items that are similar to one another are paired together. If you want to get really creative, organize your closet by outfits so you can easily grab what you need without hunting for the perfect skirt to go with that cute tank you have.

Invest in a few cheap closet organizers to store accessories like belts and hats so they don’t clutter the floor of your closet. A shoe rack could also be useful, especially if you own several pairs.


Once you have your closet looking exactly the way you want it, store all of your heavy winter clothing in airtight plastic tubs and find a place to put them until cooler weather arrives again.

Box up everything you’re donating and make it a point to take the box with you the next time you leave the house. Leaving your cast-offs around totally defeats the purpose of spring cleaning your wardrobe!

If you devote a few hours of the day to reorganize your wardrobe, you’ll have lots of room for your warm weather clothing. This way, you’ll also have an easier time determining any new pieces you need to buy — at least now, you’ll have a valid excuse to go shopping!