How to Handle Your Children Media Overload and Prevent Their eye Diseases

Today, the increased use of media and computers are having a highly negative impact on the vision of people. The rate of vision impairment cases in children due to excessive media usage is on a constant rise. A critical medical situation that is caused by the excessive use of media is known as the media vision syndrome.

eye diseases

This syndrome can be caused by the lengthened use of media devices including cell phones, video games, computers and televisions. The syndrome is caused by the strain that occurs as a result of constantly focusing on a screen. The syndrome can also develop to cause several other diseases such as dry eyes, blurry vision, eye irritation or burning, headaches and watery eyes.

Nowadays, the use of television and computer starts at a very young age, most of the time at pre-school level. Another major factor that worsens the situation is the busy lifestyle in the case of working parents, which is getting more common in households. Lack of time and sound advice can often make parents neglect the excessive usage of electronic media devices by their children.

Often, parents find it convenient to occupy their kids with media without realizing its impacts on their vision. Vision loss does not only mean a physical impairment, but also causes lack of productivity and affects the performance of kids in school. It is important for parents to control the use of media with their kids and take measures to keep eye diseases at bay.

The profound effect of media on kids can be tracked through their activities. If they are slacking in their performance or they are spending less time doing physical activities, it is time to control their media habits before they take a toll on your kid’s eyesight.

However, parents must realize that they cannot entirely culminate the use of media from their children’s life nowadays, and it would not be wise to attempt that. The key to controlling these habits is to set a limit to this usage appropriately. It is also important to engage your kids in other alternative activities to provide them with distractions. Taking them for a walk in the park or allowing them to join a sports club or play center might help in reducing their media usage.

While controlling and limiting the use of media is helpful, there are other various reasons that can result in unhealthy eyes. An inappropriate diet, lack of nutrition and neglect in case of disease or trauma can also lead to vision loss or impairment. A proper and healthy diet is specifically important for kids to maintain healthy and strong eyes.

Kicking off the habit of fast-food in kids is important. Adding nutrients such as omega-3, zinc and vitamins to their diet can improve the health of their eyes, making them strong. Sea foods, green vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts and eggs should be added to their diet on a regular basis. Not only do these foods make the eyes strong, but also help prevent your kids against other diseases that may affect the eyes and keep obesity at bay.

Another reason that can cause eye diseases in children is excessive exposure to the sun. The ultra-violet rays of the sun can weaken the eyes. While it is good to encourage your kids to engage in outdoor activities to distract them from media, these activities should also be limited. You can provide your kids with indoor games or activities to occupy them during the day time.
Also encourage the habit of using safety eyewear in your kids, especially when they are playing sports. Playing sports increases the risk of physical injury and the eye can get affected. It is important to make your kids understand the importance of protective eyewear to keep their eyes safe.

As a responsible parent, it is important that you understand the role that media plays in your kid’s life on a daily basis. It is important to control the use of media in your kids and also take measures to keep their eyes healthy.

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